Analyse Your Cross-Channel Marketing Performance in One Place

Measure ROAS, CPA, and other key marketing metrics across all your traffic sources. Fully automatically.

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  • Automated marketing reporting

    Analyse the performance of traffic sources at a granular level without any manual calculations or switching between ad platforms.

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  • Multiple attribution views

    Analyse your marketing performance through multiple lenses. Last Non-Direct-Click, Last Paid Click, Last Non-Brand Click, Facebook 7-day Click, and more!

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  • Complete customisation

    Create unlimited dashboards with required dimensions, metrics and filters to meet your needs.

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Read success stories

260% ROAS increase from Facebook Ads

“SegmentStream helped us see the real picture of our cross-channel marketing performance, and what’s more important, to truly activate machine learning insights and improve the performance of our key digital advertising channels without human involvement.”
— Matthew Lawson, Chief Digital Officer, Ribble Cycles

190% increase in purchases from Google Ads

“The performance of the overall marketing mix improved as well — we saw a little under a 25% increase in total purchases, with the cost of sale going down by 12%.”
— Dan McKenna, Associate Digital Marketing Director at Cosatto

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