Automatic data collection from all sources to your Google BigQuery

Connect all your marketing data to Google BigQuery. Build insightful dashboards in Data Studio or other BI tools.

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Three simple steps to make it work

Up and running in minutes.

Connect SegmentStream to your Google BigQuery
Set up data collection from your sources
Data is automatically uploaded to Google BigQuery

Why SegmentStream?

Automatically collect marketing data from ad platforms, website, mobile app, CRM or call-tracking systems.
Zero development and maintenance costs.
Gain full control over the data stored in your Google BigQuery.
Automate marketing reporting.
Estimate and prove marketing efficiency by calculating ROAS/ROMI, COS, CAC and other business metrics.
Make thoughtful decisions on the efficiency of each traffic source.
Deliver and automate custom analytics solutions.
Automate internal plan/fact reporting for your customers.

Trusted by leading brands

Transparent pricing

Choose your plan below based on your monthly ad spend.


Save up to 30% with annual plans

per month
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Up to $20,000 monthly spend
per month
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Up to $100,000 monthly spend
per month
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Up to $300,000 monthly spend
Enterprise & Agencies
Real-time event streaming from website to Google BigQuery
User scoring for accurate ad targeting
Multi-channel behavioral attribution based on ML
Individual marketing reports for efficient advertising budget allocation and ads optimization
Dedicated account manager
Enterprise SLA
Enterprise onboarding
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Custom pricing

SegmentStream advantages

Connect unlimited data sources and accounts.

Plans start from $199.
Annual and monthly payment options.

14-day trial with full features. No credit card required.

Can’t find the data source you need?
We will consider adding it at our expense.

All the data belongs to you and is stored securely in your Google BigQuery.

SegmentStream always keeps your data up-to-date automatically uploading it to Google BigQuery.

Build and automate your custom marketing reporting and attribution

SegmentStream is integrated with the most popular marketing tools. Simply connect and start using your data!

Go beyond data collection

Learn about other SegmentStream products.

Real-time event streaming to Google BigQuery

Track & collect user behavior data without any limits or sampling.

Advanced Google BigQuery-based marketing analytics

Build insightful marketing analytics dashboards tailored for your unique business needs.

SegmentStream machine learning-based behavioral attribution

Use the power of machine learning to understand the true impact of all your marketing channels and campaigns.

Automated ETL processes (Workflow Management System)

Clean, transform and unify all your data to build advanced analytics 10x faster and cheaper.

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