AI-Powered Marketing Analytics and Media Mix Optimization Platform

Boost your marketing ROI with AI that integrates predictive analytics, multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, and incrementality measurement into a single, reliable source of truth for smarter budget allocation decisions.

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“The product is a true game-changer in the marketing attribution industry.”

Traditional marketing attribution is no longer reliable
  • Privacy regulations and tracking restrictions broke analytics tools

    Cookie-based attribution solutions are not able to accurately measure ROAS in a modern world, where deterministic user tracking is no longer possible due to GDPR, cross-device, and various other limitations.

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  • As a result, top-of-funnel marketing activities are heavily undervalued

    Due to the inability to track the real customer journey, both single- and multi-touch attribution tools cannot measure the true sales impact of prospecting activities, such as Paid Social, Display, or Video.

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  • Marketers lack trustworthy data to guide and support their budget allocation decisions

    Although there is a gut-feeling that upper-funnel activities may drive sales generated from direct, organic or brand traffic, marketers often lack hard numbers to back up these conclusions and justify further spending.

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Introducing a solution — SegmentStream

The AI-powered Marketing Mix Optimisation Platform

The next-generation solution that helps understand the incremental value of each marketing activity and find the most optimal marketing mix.

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AI budget recommendations
  • Solve all the problems of traditional attribution tools

  • Discover what actually drives sales & revenue

  • Measure the true impact of top-of-funnel paid media

  • Improve ROAS with AI-driven budget allocation

Unlock the full potential of your digital advertising budget
  • Automated cross-channel marketing reporting

    SegmentStream brings all your marketing and sales data in one place, providing you with a fully unified view of your entire marketing performance.

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  • AI-driven attribution to measure the real, incremental ROAS

    SegmentStream is a cookieless analytics solution that measures the actual contribution of your ad activities in total revenue, rather than a single conversion that may not be tracked when relying on cookies.

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  • Actionable, AI-powered budget reallocation recommendations

    SegmentStream's AI engine continuously analyzes your marketing mix, pinpointing opportunities for revenue growth by optimizing budget allocation.

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  • Precision Geo-Based Causal Incrementality Testing

    Accurately measure the true sales impact of your paid media campaigns with our advanced incrementality tests. Utilize these insights to refine our AI-driven attribution models, ensuring even more precise and effective budget allocation.

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Not just a tool. A true solution, supported by world-class expertise.

At SegmentStream, we combine next-generation AI technology with deep performance marketing knowledge. From tailored onboarding to ongoing consultations, our Customer Success team is here to ensure that you achieve your business goals.

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