Understand the Real, Incremental ROAS of Your Top‑of‑Funnel Campaigns

Traditional cookie-based attribution tools can no longer show the real value of your digital marketing activities.

SegmentStream’s AI-driven attribution is here to solve that.

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  • Measure the true impact of Paid Social, Video, Display

  • Discover what drives sales from Direct and Brand Search

  • Overcome attribution issues caused by GDPR regulations

  • Evaluate how impressions & views influence your revenue

Google Analytics doesn’t have enough data to make budget decisions, that's why I use SegmentStream

“Finally use attribution modeling as you should”

“SegmentStream helped us understand the value of our digital channels.”

Why SegmentStream’s AI-driven attribution?
  • Use a reliable, cookieless analytics built for the post-GDPR era

    In the EU, up to 50% of website visits are not tracked due to cookie-consent policies. This limitation breaks all traditional analytics and attribution tools that rely on cookies to track website visits and conversions.

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  • Don’t let cross-device journeys skew your ROI measurement

    Today's customer journeys are long and complex, involving multiple devices and browsers. This makes it impossible to track the real user's path to a conversion using cookies. Due to this, traditional attribution tools are heavily biased towards lower-funnel, while undervaluing top-of-funnel investments.

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  • Future-proof your attribution for modern tracking restrictions

    Intelligent Tracking Prevention, iOS 17, private browsing, ad blockers, and other restrictions result in cookies being expired or wiped out, breaking traditional attribution software. As privacy regulations become stricter, it’s essential to adapt your marketing analytics to the modern reality.

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  • Evaluate post-view sales impact of your awareness campaigns

    Top-of-funnel advertising campaigns may not drive many direct website visits while still generating lots of ad impressions. Even though such activities may positively influence overall sales, it is not possible to measure the post-view impact using traditional cookie-based attribution tools.

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Introducing SegmentStream

A cookieless marketing measurement solution

SegmentStream is a next-generation, AI-driven analytics platform that helps to measure the true incrementality & ROAS across all your digital marketing channels and campaigns.

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What makes SegmentStream a unique attribution solution?

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Our innovative approach enables the measurement of the actual contribution of your ad activities to total revenue, rather than just a single conversion that may not be tracked when relying on cookies.

This makes SegmentStream a perfect solution for measuring the real ROAS of Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and other channels typically heavily affected by cookie-loss and therefore undervalued by traditional attribution tools.

How does SegmentStream measure incremental ROI?

Utilizing multiple proprietary machine learning models, SegmentStream uncovers patterns in 1st- and 3rd- party data, enabling businesses to accurately measure the impact of paid media on total sales, rather than a single directly attributed conversion via cookies.

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  • Loreal
  • Ribble
  • Carshop
  • KitchenAid
  • SimpliSafe

Finally, gain confidence in your cross-channel ROI reporting & budget allocation decisions

“SegmentStream helped us see the real picture of our cross-channel marketing performance, and what’s more important, to truly activate machine learning insights and improve the performance of our key digital advertising channels.”
— Matthew Lawson, Chief Digital Officer, Ribble Cycles
“The performance of the overall marketing mix improved as well — we saw a little under a 25% increase in total purchases, with the cost of sale going down by 12%.”
— Dan McKenna, Associate Digital Marketing Director, Cosatto

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