Introducing AI‑Powered Marketing Mix Optimisation

Marketing mix optimization in SegmentStream is your gateway to maximizing the ROI through intelligent budget reallocation across all your digital channels and campaigns.

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  • Quickly find new revenue
    growth opportunities

  • Achieve the perfect marketing
    mix and hit your goals faster

  • Know where to scale and
    where to cut ad spending

How does it work?
  • Create your optimization portfolio

    Begin by defining your optimization goal, selecting an attribution model, and choosing the specific campaigns you wish to optimize.

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  • Get actionable, AI-powered budget recommendations

    Our advanced AI, powered by reinforced machine learning, will assess your portfolio’s potential. It will then suggest optimal budget reallocation strategies for the upcoming week, along with estimates of potential gains and ROI uplift.

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  • Apply suggestions to achieve the most optimal marketing mix

    Allocate your paid media budget according to AI recommendations and see your overall revenue and ROI grow.

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Smart budget recommendations, powered by Reinforced Learning

Our advanced technology automatically tracks whether the provided budget recommendations were applied and, if so, how these changes influenced overall performance. This feedback loop enables the AI algorithm to become increasingly accurate with future recommendations and forecasts.

It's a dynamic, data-driven approach that continually adapts, ensuring that your digital advertising budget allocation strategy is the most effective.

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Logos of trusted brands

  • Loreal
  • Ribble
  • Carshop
  • KitchenAid
  • SimpliSafe


L'Oréal Luxe achieves 41% ROAS uplift through effective budget reallocation

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“We were able to improve the performance of our digital ad campaigns, make informed budget allocation decisions, and achieve a positive uplift in sales by finding new revenue opportunities.

Moreover, SegmentStream helped us give back precious time to our media and e-commerce team, and made our day-to-day operations much more agile.”

— Perla Patricia Aragon, Chief Digital Officer, L’Oréal Luxe Latin America

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Achieve the most optimal marketing mix with SegmentStream

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