Boost your advertising performance with Predictive Lead Scoring

Leverage SegmentStream Al to identify which leads are most likely to convert based on your own historical data.

With accurate, real-time Predictive Lead Value insights you can boost ad performance, enhance marketing ROAS reporting, and increase your sales conversion rates.

We all know that no two leads are the same. Yet...

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    Your ad platforms are focused on driving quantity, not quality

    A long sale cycle prevents you from optimizing your Google and Facebook Ads campaigns towards final revenue, leaving you with a high amount of low-quality leads that don't convert.

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    Long sales cycles break smart bidding algorithms of Google and Facebook Ads

    Ad platforms struggle to optimize for revenue due to a long delay between an ad click and a sale. An immediate feedback loop is essential for effective smart bidding optimization.

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    Your marketing reports are based on leads CPA, not sales ROAS

    Due to a disconnect between lead and revenue, you feel like you don't have any better option than making your budget allocation decisions solely on the number of leads.

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With SegmentStream AI you can finally switch from quantity to quality

  • Invest in campaigns that drive revenue, not just leads

    With Predictive Lead Scoring, there is no need to wait 3-6 months for leads to convert in order to assess the ROAS of your marketing campaigns.

    SegmentStream will quickly help uncover which traffic sources drive the most value for your business, not just the quantity of leads.

  • Unlock Value-Based Bidding to double ROAS

    With Predictive Lead Scoring, you can provide ad platforms' algorithms with accurate, real-time insights into the monetary value of each new lead.

    This helps Google and Facebook Ads bid higher for potentially high-value customers and avoid spending money on people who are less likely to convert.

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It’s easy to get started

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  • Step 1

    Seamlessly connect your CRM or Data Warehouse with your historical leads and sales data.

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  • Step 2

    SegmentStream will train and validate your custom Al model in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

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  • Step 3

    Sync Predictive Lead Values with your ad platforms or marketing reports in SegmentStream.

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Why Predictive Lead Scoring by SegmentStream?

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    Go beyond unreliable, manual rule-based scoring tools

    Leverage the power of Al that analyzes a combination and sequence of hundreds of data points, providing you with accurate, data-driven insights you can trust.

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    Achieve unparalleled accuracy with custom AI

    Unlike other scoring tools, SegmentStream builds a custom machine learning model for each client based on their unique historical 1st party data.

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    Get even more accurate results with Reinforced Learning

    The more you use SegmentStream, the higher the accuracy of the scoring model will be, as it self-retrains based on fresh data on a daily basis.


"SegmentStream aims for 95%+ accuracy, which is considered a 'cutting-edge' result in conversion value prediction. No human can compete with machine learning when it comes to scoring models."

Constantine Yurevich


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