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KitchenAid success story: Solving attribution for high-value e-commerce brand

Learn how KitchenAid uses SegmentStream's AI-powered marketing mix optimization platform to get more purchases and decrease cost per conversion.

KitchenAid success story: Solving attribution for high-value e-commerce brand
Company name: KitchenAid
Industry: E-commerce
Location: EMEA

“The product is a true game-changer in the marketing attribution industry, and I’m excited about the future of its development.”

— Cedric Van Hees, Digital Performance Specialist EMEA

About KitchenAid

It is an American brand of premium home appliances. For over a century, the entire range of KitchenAid small domestic appliances has always stood out thanks to their timeless, distinct and bold design that adds character to any kitchen, inspired by the iconic Stand Mixer.

In this project, SegmentStream is working with the EU subsidiary of KitchenAid across 12 countries.

KitchenAid products

The challenge:

People who are looking for high-end kitchen appliances rarely convert within the very first website visit. The buying journey is long and complex — customers can visit a website multiple times, often switching between devices and browsers. In addition, modern privacy regulations and cookie-tracking restrictions made it impossible to track the full path to conversions. It resulted in multiple issues related to accurate analytics and attribution.

In order to make effective budget allocation decisions, the team at KitchenAid was using multiple digital analytics tools. Yet, they were not able to understand the true impact of upper-funnel or prospecting campaigns.

Traditionally, all marketing analytics tools operate in the same way: they wait until a user converts and then allocate the value from the conversion between traffic sources that led to this conversion. However, this method only works if you can track the whole customer journey, from the initial touchpoint. However, modern tracking restrictions have made it impossible to properly trace the entire path to conversion.

As a result, most prospecting campaigns do not generate any value, even though they play a huge role in driving sales that later are attributed to other traffic sources; thus, upper-funnel marketing campaigns are heavily undervalued. This affected KitchenAid’s budget allocation decisions as well as the total marketing ROI.

To overcome these challenges, KitchenAid has partnered with SegmentStream.

SegmentStream — solution overview:

SegmentStream is a modern, AI-driven solution for analyzing and optimizing digital marketing performance.

The solution is designed to work in a cookieless world, where tracking full customer journeys is no longer possible due to multiple tracking limitations, such as GDPR/cookie-consent policies, cross-device/cross-browser interactions, browsers’ privacy restrictions, and other regulations.

As a result, SegmentStream is able to understand the true, incremental impact of each marketing channel and campaign on total revenue, even when it’s not possible to link or attribute conversions directly using cookies. This is a next-generation approach to marketing measurement and budget allocation, as it moves beyond what is possible to track deterministically, and instead, this analytics method accounts for the entire impact on total revenue, even if the actual conversions are mainly attributed to Direct, Brand, or Organic traffic sources.

SegmentStream has helped KitchenAid make more informed budget allocation decisions by understanding the true value of their digital marketing channels and campaigns, and their role in generating overall revenue.

Customer testimonial:

After testing SegmentStream solution, we can say that we are very impressed with the results — we saw a serious improvement in both purchases and ROAS.

We are happy to continue our collaboration and want to mention the professional team at SegmentStream that helps us gain the most value out of this technology.

The product is a true game-changer in the marketing attribution industry, and I’m excited about the future of its development.

Cedric Van Hees, Digital Performance Specialist EMEA

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