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Case study

126% more leads from Google after implementing SegmentStream

Learn how the client collaborated with SegmentStream to improve budget allocation and optimise Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns to get more leads and decrease CPA.

126% more leads from Google after implementing SegmentStream
Company name: Anonymous customer
Industry: Finance
Location: Global

“SegmentStream is a useful tool that helps us make better advertising decisions, primarily about where we should invest our budget and what channels we should scale up or down. ”

— Verified G2 review

Key results:

  • 126% increase in leads from Google Ads campaigns with an 18% decrease in CPA
  • 79% increase in leads from Facebook Ads campaigns with a 38% decrease in CPA

About the client

The client is a financial services company with over 1000 employees in 5 offices worldwide. They were among the first ones to recognise the importance of technological advancements, and now they continue to shape the industry.

The challenge: 

Today’s customer journeys are long and complex: people rarely convert during their first visit to the website and often switch devices and browsers within one journey. 

The same is true for this business — they were using digital advertising as a tool to drive more job applications and get more people registered for their events, but they weren’t able to observe the full customer journey and therefore didn’t understand the ad campaigns’ efficiency or which channels actually brought more leads.

This results in multiple challenges for the customer’s marketing team:

  • Inability to make data-wise budget allocation decisions.
  • Lack of data to optimise digital advertising campaigns, especially in the EU and APAC as those regions were historically getting fewer signals than the US where the brand was more familiar. 

To solve both of these challenges, the client has partnered with SegmentStream. 

SegmentStream — solution overview:

SegmentStream is a Conversion Modelling Platform that provides a next-generation solution to outdated attribution and conversion tracking tools. 

SegmentStream evaluates each website session by predicting the user’s probability to convert in the future, unlike most marketing attribution tools that evaluate conversions retrospectively. When this probability is sufficient enough, the platform creates a Modelled Conversion that can be used for measurement and ad optimisation.

This guarantees that each traffic source immediately gets the value it deserves even if a future conversion happens from another device, browser, or cookie. 

SegmentStream solution for financial services company

Now, let’s see how this approach works in this case. 

Step 1: Collect website behavioural data

SegmentStream Conversion Modelling Platform uses Machine Learning algorithms to analyse the impact of each website visit. To build an accurate ML model, SegmentStream requires website data on user behaviour. This data is collected from the client’s website first.

Step 2: Collect ad costs from marketing channels 

This client is using a broad range of different ad platforms, including LinkedIn, Quora, and TikTok. SegmentStream already has turn-key integrations with the most popular advertising platforms, so the setup usually takes little time. SegmentStream collects all data about clicks, costs, impressions, etc., and stitches it with website sessions and conversion automatically. This allowed the client to have a full cross-channel view of their marketing activities. 

Step 3: Conversion Modelling

SegmentStream Conversion Modelling Platform assesses all actions every website visitor takes and measures the users’ probability to convert in the future. Once the probability is sufficient enough, SegmentStream creates a Modelled Conversion that can be used both for measurement and optimisation.

Each Modelled Conversion is immediately attributed to the traffic source that started this website session. Therefore it is possible to understand which channels and campaign sources generated more valuable visits and send this information back to ad platforms to help them drive high-quality traffic.

To dig deeper into the topic of Conversion Modelling, read our guide for performance marketers.

Conversion Modelling Guide

Step 4: Reporting and analysis 

SegmentStream provided the client with a detailed overview of the campaigns’ performance, which was a number one priority for them. 

By using Conversion Modelling, the team was able to see which channels and campaigns actually drive the most leads and make data-wise budget allocation decisions. 

SegmentStream Demo data dashboard

Step 5: Conversion export and paid ads optimisation

The client set up an automated export of SegmentStream’s Modelled Conversions to Google Ads and Facebook Ads using turn-key server-to-server integration to optimise the performance of ad campaigns.


1. Data-driven budget reallocation

Before using SegmentStream, it seemed that both LinkedIn and Facebook were bringing the same amount of leads with no significant difference in CPA. However, the analysis performed within SegmentStream revealed that Facebook drives 2.6 times more valuable visits with a high intention to convert than LinkedIn.

Therefore, the client now sees how to reallocate budgets wisely between these two platforms.

2. Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns optimisation

The client used the Conversion Modelling Platform to optimise their ad campaigns in Google and Facebook.

The campaigns in Google Ads were optimised from August 26th to September 26th 2022. Compared to the previous period, the results are: 

  • Number of leads increased by 126%
  • CPA reduced by 18%

For EU campaigns specifically these results were even more prominent: the client was able to invest 34% more and received 167% more leads while the CPA decreased by 50%.

The campaigns in Facebook Ads were optimised with the help of SegmentStream from May 11th to October 11th 2022. Compared to the previous period, the results are:

  • With only marginal cost growth, the number of leads increased by 79%
  • CPA reduced by 38%

In the EU, the client was able to attract 33% more leads at a 37% less CPA, while in APAC the number of leads increased up to 57% with a 72% CPA reduction.

Customer testimonial:

SegmentStream is a useful tool that helps us make better advertising decisions, primarily about where we should invest our budget and what channels we should scale up or down. It also helps us find the right target audience by sending conversion data directly to Facebook & Google.

Though it takes time to get to know the product and make sure you’re getting the most out of it, the SegmentStream team is very helpful and is always happy to assist and discuss. They are helping us make better advertising decisions on a channel and budget level.

Verified G2 review

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