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[VIDEO] Can we really trust ad platforms' reporting?

[VIDEO] Can we really trust ad platforms' reporting?

Dive into 'ad platform bias' and its impact on advertisers. Discover 4 solutions to ensure your decisions are backed by reliable data.
[VIDEO] Can we really trust ad platforms' reporting?

When it comes to tracking the success of our marketing efforts, we often rely on ad platforms to provide us with insights. However, there’s a little twist to this story that we need to address.

These platforms have a tendency to focus too much on their own role in driving conversions, forgetting to take into account all the different ways customers interacted with ads before they actually made a purchase.

In this video, we break down what ‘ad platform bias’ is and its challenges for advertisers. Watch to discover 4 solutions to overcome it and ensure you operate on solid, reliable data.

Moreover, there’s another layer to this complexity. Multiple platforms might claim credit for a single conversion if a user has engaged with both. Sounds familiar? It’s all a part of what is called the “ad platform bias”. Which results in inflated performance reports.

Today I’m going to give you four solutions to overcome this and ensure you’re operating on reliable data.

Let’s start with the most obvious - cross-reference different data sources. This involves comparing reports from ad platforms, website analytics, and CRM systems.

The second approach demands more time and effort, but it’s well worth it. I’m referring to incrementality testing. Through controlled experiments and incrementality tests, you can gauge the impact of specific channels or tactics. For instance, you can understand how your Facebook campaigns impacted sales compared to not running those campaigns at all.

Also, you can tap into using different attribution models together, like combining the last click and linear models to look at the customer journey from multiple angles.

However, If you’re seeking a more advanced solution - think about using a platform-agnostic reporting tool like SegmentStream. Our platform analyses hundreds of data points: from impressions, clicks, and CRM details to user behaviour on your website, aiming to comprehend the real influence of each channel and campaign on your revenue. Want to see real-world examples of how businesses use it to get insights? - Check out this video.

Overall, remember that every touchpoint contributes to the bigger picture, and recognizing this is the key to achieving a fair and effective marketing mix. If you want to talk about your particular goals and challenges in attribution - book a demo today!

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