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Mastering GEO Incrementality Tests for ROAS Measurement

Join this webinar to learn how to properly set up and conduct scientifically accurate GEO tests to measure incremental advertising ROI. We will cover everything you need to know to ensure precise results you can trust.

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Ben Ó Mathúin
Chief Revenue Officer
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About this webinar:

GEO incrementality tests provide a clear view of how your advertising efforts contribute to sales growth, isolating other influencing factors.

This is a great approach to measure the incremental ROAS of ad activities that do not lead to conversions or clicks directly, such as Paid Social, Display, Video, and TV campaigns.

However, there are many important factors to consider when setting up incrementality tests, which can lead to costly mistakes if done incorrectly.

Sign up for this webinar to learn how to properly conduct GEO tests, from the initial setup to the final evaluation of results, ensuring that it provides you with insights you can rely on. 

Mastering GEO Incrementality Tests

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. What are GEO Incrementality Tests, and what types do they encompass?
  2. How can you validate whether your business is suitable for GEO testing?
  3. Guide on selecting appropriate markets or regions for the test and control groups. 
  4. How can you evaluate and interpret the results to guarantee statistical significance?
  5. GEO Incrementality Testing in SegmentStream: Its mechanics and benefits.
  6. Utilizing insights from GEO tests to refine your marketing attribution model.
  7. Q&A Session: Addressing all your questions about GEO incrementality tests.

Meet the speaker:

Ben Ó Mathúin, Chief Revenue Officer, SegmentStream. Ben is a Performance Marketing Expert with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and analytics.

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