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How Szallas uses Conversion Modelling to improve performance of Facebook & Google Ads campaigns

Learn how Hungary’s #1 accommodation booking portal,, partnered with SegmentStream to solve its marketing analytics challenges and achieve better results in Facebook Ads & Google Ads.

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Adrienn Miskovics
Product Manager, Omni-channel specialist at
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Ben Ó Mathúin
Head of Customer Success at SegmentStream
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Watch this webinar to learn about the current state of marketing measurement, discover how today’s tracking restrictions and privacy regulations affects analytics and optimisation, and find answers to some of the most debatable questions in digital marketing.

Whether you’re a just starting out in marketing analytics, or an experienced performance marketer, this is a session not to miss.

About ( is Hungary’s #1 accommodation booking portal, annually delivering bookings in value of €90 million for its accommodation partners. With 15,000 contracted direct partners, available in 8 languages, and offices in Budapest, Zagreb, Warsaw, Cluj-Napoca, the Szallas Group is rapidly growing in Central Eastern Europe.

The Group websites have more than 1 million registered users and are visited by more than 2 million users every month. It also helps customers find suitable accommodation with over 1.2 million independent and valid customer reviews.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why you don’t need to know the whole customer journey to measure digital marketing performance.
  • What is ITP, cookieless world, IOS 14+ and how it affects advertising.
  • Which challenges Szallas’s marketing team had and how they tackled them.
  • What is Conversion Modelling and how Szallas use it to achieve better results in Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • How Szallas increased Revenue from Google Ads by 243% while Cost of Sale decreased by 5.8%.

Find out how a leading European booking service measure & optimise digital marketing performance and learn best practices from digital marketing experts Adrienn and Ben.

Meet the speakers:

Adrienn Miskovics, Product Manager, Omni-channel specialist at

Adrienn has 10+ years’ experience in digital media and strategy, spent 4 years in Dublin Google EU HQ.

Ben Ó Mathúin, Head of Customer Success at SegmentStream.

Ben is a Performance Marketing Expert with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing.

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