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Lanieri: Effective budget allocation with AI-driven marketing mix optimization

Learn how Lanieri uses SegmentStream to achieve outstanding results from their digital advertising budget.

Lanieri: Effective budget allocation with AI-driven marketing mix optimization
Company name: Lanieri
Industry: E-commerce
Location: Italy

“I'm very happy with the added value that SegmentStream has brought to our Marketing Mix so far.”

— Riccardo Campaci, Head Of Digital Marketing

About Lanieri

Lanieri is an Italian e-commerce company offering the finest designs of men’s clothing, dedicated to elegance with a blend of tradition and technology. The custom-tailored suits have been delivered to clients from 35 countries already making Made in Italy clothing available to any gentleman.

SegmentStream's client Lanieri - custom men's clothing company

The challenge: 

Due to the nature of the business, the customer buying journey is long and complex. It can take up to 45 days for a user to complete a purchase after the initial interaction with Lanieri’s website.

Due to this, it is not possible to make confident budget allocation decisions as most of the traffic sources do not get the value they deserve. Due to modern-day cookie tracking restrictions, cross-browser and cross-device customer journeys, it is not possible to track the entire customer journey anymore.

As a result, a lot of conversion value is being attributed to direct/none, organic, and brand campaigns, while paid campaigns, especially awareness campaigns, are heavily undervalued. With this in mind, it was extremely difficult for Lanieri’s team to make data-driven budget allocation decisions. 

To solve this challenge, Lanieri has partnered with SegmentStream. 

SegmentStream — solution overview:

SegmentStream is a next-generation Marketing Mix Optimization platform, powered by AI. 

Unlike traditional analytics & attribution software, SegmentStream is a cookieless analytics solution that measures the actual contribution of your ad activities in total revenue, rather than a single conversion that may not be tracked when relying on cookies.

This helps understand the incremental value of each marketing activity and find the most optimal marketing mix, driving the highest revenue returns.

Customer Testimonial:

The reason why we decided to rely on SegmentStream is that for many years we have been looking for a tool able to identify a data-based decision-making model to follow for budget allocation. Finding the answer to this question is our ultimate goal, and I believe we’ve found it with SegmentStream.

Their interface is essential for having an overview of the performance of our Marketing Mix. Suggestions and continuous support have been invaluable for constantly improving the quality of our campaigns. I’m very happy with the added value that SegmentStream has brought to our Marketing Mix so far.

Riccardo Campaci, Head Of Digital Marketing

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