Marketing strategies to retire and new cookie restrictions by Google — MarTech Podcast

Listen to SegmentStream’s founder and CEO explain how businesses can prepare for the cookieless future on MarTech Podcast.

Marketing strategies to retire and new cookie restrictions by Google — MarTech Podcast

Part 1: Preparing for Google Chrome’s cookie restrictions

In a cookieless future, understanding user behaviour becomes complicated, traditional analytics and measurement tools can’t deliver adequate results, and marketers are looking for alternatives.

Soon, third-party cookies will be deprecated completely, and the lifespan of first-party cookies gets limited as well. Those advertisers that can’t track user first-party data won’t be able to deliver good results. And the first thing to prepare to is Google Chrome’s cookie restrictions.

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Part 2: Marketing strategies to retire

In the future, another aspect to be ready for is the shift away from traditional approaches of tracking conversions. The rise of ITP, longer sales cycles, and other constraints have made it challenging to observe the entire customer journey. Therefore, it’s time to phase out traditional tracking methods and adopt an approach that assesses each website visit to accurately track performance and gain insights into user behaviour - Conversion Modelling.

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