How to fix broken attribution for Shopify stores — Shopify podcast

In the Shopify podcast eCommerce Fastlane, SegmentStream’s co-founder Pavel Petrinich talks about how Conversion Modelling can fix broken marketing attribution for Shopify stores.

How to fix broken attribution for Shopify stores — Shopify podcast

Shopify brands selling high-value products (AOV > $100) face attribution challenges as customers rarely purchase during their first website visit. 

They often revisit the site on different devices or browsers, making customer journeys complicated and hard to observe properly. Due to modern tracking restrictions, traditional analytics tools are insufficient in attributing conversions accurately. 

Consequently, upper-funnel channels are not credited as deserved, and ad platforms like Google and Facebook find it difficult to train their algorithms without enough conversion signals. 

In the podcast for Shopify, SegmentStream’s founder Pavel explains how to address this issue.

Listen to the recording:

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