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Cross-device attribution challenge

Cross-device attribution challenge

Why cross-device and cross-browser customer journeys pose a challenge to digital marketers and how to solve it.
Cross-device attribution challenge

What is cross-device and what is challenging about it?

Cross-device and cross-browser attribution seeks to understand the influence of marketing activities across various devices and browsers. In theory, it paints a complete picture of a user’s journey. In practice, it’s unrealistic because:

  1. Cookies are device and browser-specific, so they don’t work across devices.
  2. Not every user logs in every time they use a platform or device.
  3. Tightening privacy regulations limit tracking across devices (iOS 14.5 for example).

How to solve cross-device and cross-browser?

Multi-touch and other traditional attribution models struggle with cross-device and cross-browsers. However, there are measurement solutions that don’t rely on piecing together all touch-points, like SegmentStream’s beyond-cookie attribution.

It integrates machine learning with 1st-party data to fill the gaps left by limitations in tracking across different devices and browsers.

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