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Product updates
Product updates for March'23

Product updates for March'23

See what we've been working on this March. During the past month, we have increased the speed of all calculations and made creating ML models easier. Read on!
Product updates
Product updates for March'23

1. Easy-to-enable modelling

ML models are the heart of the Conversion Modelling Platform, and now creating new ones is easier than ever.

How did it work before?

Previously, users had to follow several steps to create a Modelled Conversion:

  • create and configure an ML model; 
  • create and configure a Modelled Conversion based on the ML model.

This process was overwhelming for many users, and they often turned to our support team for help to complete the process. 

How does it work now?

Now, the process of creating Machine Learning models is significantly simplified. The customers just need to click on the “Modelling” toggle and SegmentStream will do the rest — a proper model and Modelled Conversions are created automatically under the hood.

SegmentStream March'23 updates - easy-to-enable modelling

2. Increased speed of all calculations

To make sure that all reports provide a real-time data overview, we increased the speed of all calculations.

How did it work before?

SegmentStream’s scheduled workflows and backfills could work faster than they did, and we decided to speed up all calculations. 

How does it work now?

Now, all calculations are processed approximately 10 times faster than before. Now, customers can see all required data in the reports faster, meaning that they can enjoy the power of truly real-time analysis.

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