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Introducing Geo Incrementality Tests

Introducing Geo Incrementality Tests

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new solution within the SegmentStream measurement platform — fully managed, scientifically accurate incrementality tests.
Product updates
Introducing Geo Incrementality Tests

By launching expert-level geo-lift tests, you will be able to precisely measure the true sales impact of your paid media investments. In addition, this helps to verify the results of your current attribution model and calibrate it for the highest accuracy.

What exactly are geo-incrementality tests?

Geo-incrementality tests enable you to assess the value created by your marketing activities.

By comparing the performance of targeted marketing campaigns in one geographic area (the control market) against a similar area where those campaigns are not running (the test market), you can directly observe the incremental impact.

What are geo-incrementality tests?

How does it work?

Step 1: Choosing the right markets for an accurate incrementality test

Using a sophisticated engine, SegmentStream pinpoints control and test geo-regions that have similarities in revenue patterns and seasonality.

Choosing the right markets for incrementality test

Step 2: Keep running ads in the control group, holding out in the test

Once regions are selected, the holdout phase begins. By disabling ad activity in the test group, SegmentStream measures which conversions would happen anyway, without ad activity.

holdout test incrementality

Step 3: Analyzing and calculating the incremental uplift and ROAS

By comparing conversions and sales data between the test group and the control group, SegmentStream measures the true, incremental uplift generated by a particular ad channel or campaign.

How incrementality is measured

There are multiple ways to run geo-incrementality tests: temporarily withholding ad spend in tested markets, or, on the contrary, launching new ads or doubling down on the budget in the test group while holding out in the control group. If you’d like to discuss a specific incrementality test for your business, please contact our team.

While geo-lift incrementality tests do not replace traditional, ongoing marketing measurement, they are extremely beneficial in assessing and improving the accuracy of your primary marketing analytics tool.

Interested to learn more? Book a meeting with our team!

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