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We are thrilled to have Ribble Cycles in our SegmentStream family of customers!

We are thrilled to have Ribble Cycles in our SegmentStream family of customers!

Company news
We are thrilled to have Ribble Cycles in our SegmentStream family of customers!

Ribble Cycles is an innovative UK-based bike manufacturer that produces award-winning fully-customisable bicycles since 1897. 

Innovation is at the core of everything at Ribble, including their marketing activities. That’s why Ribble’s team decided to partner with SegmentStream to promote their bikes more efficiently by applying the power of the latest big data and AI technologies to their digital channels.  

SegmentStream platform uses proprietary machine-learning algorithms to evaluate the true effectiveness of all marketing campaigns in a multi-channel and multi-device world, as well as improving campaign performance on a fully automated basis. 

Matthew Lawson, Chief Digital Officer of Ribble Cycles:

Most of the customers do not buy advanced bicycles like ours during their first interaction with the website. People want to take their time and make proper research, read reviews, and consult with our bike specialists before finally making a purchase decision. Moreover, the already complex customer journey is becoming even more difficult to track because of people using multiple browsers and devices.

With all of this, we thought that it will be almost impossible to understand the true value of our digital marketing campaigns, especially upper-funnel awareness campaigns that tend to receive almost no credit when using traditional marketing attribution models such as Last-non-Direct-Click.

Luckily, we found SegmentStream and its AI-driven multi-touch attribution technology that actually helped us to see the real picture of our cross-channel marketing performance, and what’s more important, to truly activate machine learning insights and improve the performance of our key digital advertising channels without human involvement. 

We are happy with our collaboration so far, and looking forward to working together to drive outstanding digital marketing results!

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