B2B/SaaS Marketing Manager
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B2B/SaaS Marketing Manager

We are looking for a multi-skilled B2B Marketing Manager with experience in driving qualified leads for SaaS products. Joining SegmentStream as one of the first members of our marketing team, this is a rare opportunity to make a real impact on the company’s success.

In this dynamic role, you will work directly with the CMO to execute the overall marketing strategy, focusing on acquiring leading enterprise brands as customers.

This is an excellent opportunity for professional growth, helping us drive awareness and demand for our innovative product that is changing how leading businesses analyze and optimize the performance of their online marketing campaigns.

If you are genuinely interested in what we are building and ready to roll up your sleeves to contribute, we would be happy to meet you!

Digital Marketing
B2B SaaS
Account-Based Marketing
Google Ads
LinkedIn Ads

In this versatile role, you will be responsible for the core aspects of the digital marketing efforts of SegmentStream, such as overseeing our company website, SEO, digital advertising, and email marketing activities.

Given the multifaceted nature of this role, you will be expected to engage with external specialists and agencies to deliver the required work, while you maintain accountability for the overall outcomes. However, a fundamental expectation from you is a strong understanding of which campaigns to launch and knowledge of what constitutes effective ad creatives and landing page designs.


Your primary responsibility will be to ensure we effectively capture all relevant demand from people actively seeking solutions like SegmentStream. This includes creating high-converting, SEO-optimized website pages and launching highly effective paid search ad campaigns.

Additionally, your role involves generating new demand for our product among our Target Customer List. This will be achieved through the launch of multi-channel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns across LinkedIn Ads, Email Marketing, YouTube, and others.

  • Launch and manage Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads campaigns aimed at generating and capturing relevant demand. Responsibilities include campaign planning and execution: crafting copy and creatives, setting up and monitoring ad campaigns, and optimizing their performance. Ensure the creation of tailored landing pages for various ads to maximize relevance, ad quality scores, and conversion rates.
  • Develop and implement multi-channel, multi-step Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns targeted at specific customer segments. For example, to increase awareness and generate demand in the Travel & Hospitality sector or among U.S.-based beauty brands.
  • Constantly improve our website to maximize conversion rates from visits to qualified leads. This involves updating existing website content and proposing copy, layout, and design mockups for new website pages. Then, collaborate with our website development studio for the final implementation.
  • Drive organic leads by attracting relevant traffic through the creation of SEO-optimized blog articles and website pages, such as glossaries, FAQs, guides, competitive comparison pages, and more.
  • Handle the preparation and publication of new Case Studies, Product Updates, and Company News. This includes sharing these updates on our Blog, Social Media, and Email Newsletters.
  • Oversee our company’s presence in various listings and directories, such as G2, Capterra, and other platforms where potential target buyers can find and research SegmentStream.


  • Proven experience in launching B2B/SaaS websites or creating landing pages for new products and services.
  • Skilled in launching effective B2B-focused advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, particularly for products or services that prompt actions like “Request a Demo” as opposed to “Start a Free Trial”.
  • Practical experience in planning and executing multi-channel Account-Based Marketing strategies aimed at Mid-Market/Enterprise customers. Specifically, you possess knowledge of the necessary steps to generate demand and leads from a designated list of 100 Target Accounts.
  • Solid understanding of SEO principles and strategies to achieve higher search rankings and increase the volume of relevant organic traffic.
  • Strong copywriting abilities for various formats, including landing page content, ad copy, case studies, and email newsletters.
  • Resourceful in identifying and utilizing the necessary resources to deliver high-quality work at scale, including the engagement of freelancers or agencies for tasks such as design and video production.
  • Practical knowledge and experience with tools like Hubspot and Semrush.
  • Good understanding of various marketing attribution models, and how they differ from each other.

Why SegmentStream:

  • Unique and high-quality SaaS product that solves a massive problem for a huge market;
  • VC-backed by top investors & angels, including TechStars, founders of Pipedrive, Dynamic Yield, and other great SaaS entrepreneurs;
  • Fast-growing, fully distributed, and international team of smart people who not only love what they do but are also really good at it;
  • A great company culture that is embracing functional ownership, entrepreneurial mindset, and personal growth;
  • Full responsibility from day one and being part of our results-driven working environment;
  • Competitive salary plus attractive stock compensation package;
  • A lot of opportunities for future career growth within the company;

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