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Measure and optimise your digital marketing performance in a cookieless world

SegmentStream is an advanced Conversion Modelling Platform that provides future-thinking marketing teams with a next-generation solution to outdated multi-touch attribution tools that are no longer suitable for today's complex customer journeys and modern tracking restrictions.

How does cookieless world affect your marketing?

The big problem in performance marketing

Tracking the customer journey has become more difficult than ever

For a very long time, marketers have relied on using digital analytics and multi-touch attribution tools
that track customer journeys using website cookies.
However, knowing your customers’ complete path
to conversion is no longer possible due to multiple tracking restrictions and privacy regulations.
The big problem in performance marketing

As the result, marketing teams struggle to measure true CPA, ROAS, Revenue and Conversions
at channel or campaign level

Even the most sophisticated data-driven attribution models will always undervalue opening channels
and overvalue closing channels.
Therefore, marketers that rely on such tools, will continue making wrong budget allocation decisions and struggle to achieve the optimal marketing mix
with the highest total ROAS.

Moreover, ad platforms are unable to deliver desired results due to incomplete feedback about the true value of each paid click

When a visit to your site doesn’t lead to a conversion within the same cookie — ad platforms don’t receive any feedback about the incremental impact of this visit.
This leads ad platforms targeting only a small portion
of the potential target audience which makes media buying expensive as well as limits your ability to scale.

Introducing SegmentStream Conversion Modelling Platform

SegmentStream Conversion Modelling Platform combines first-party behavioural visitor data with machine learning algorithms to enable comprehensive measurement and performance optimisation.
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How SegmentStream Conversion Modelling Works

SegmentStream combines your first-party behavioural data with advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate each website session and predict the user’s probability to convert in the future.
When this probability is sufficient enough — SegmentStream creates a “modelled conversion”
that can be used both for analytics and optimisation.
how it works

SegmentStream Conversion Modelling Platform Advantages

  • Measurement


    Understand the incremental value of each visit, even if there was no conversion within the same cookie.

    Accurately evaluate upper-funnel marketing channels.

  • Targeting


    Send more feedback signals to automated strategies for better and faster learning.

    Increase reach by targeting visitors that are similar to those having high probability to convert in the future.

  • Optimisation


    No need to wait for a final conversion to happen – modelled conversions are created immediately after the visit.

    Optimise for the incremental impact of each visit, not just for those conversions that happened within the same cookie.

Conversion Modelling Comparison

Features Multi-Touch Attribution Marketing Mix Modelling Incrementality Testing Conversion Modelling
Analysis Approach Retrospective Retrospective Retrospective Predictive
Analysis Latency 1-30 days, depending on the attribution window 3-6 months 1-30 days, depending on the attribution window 1 day
Historical Data required Few days to few weeks Multiple years Not required Few weeks
Granularity Any level Channel level Any level Any level
Works for Cross-Device and Cross-Browser
Works with Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) Only if the conversion happens within 7 days after click Only if the conversion happens within 7 days after click
Strategic Media Planning
Tactical Media Optimisation
Digital Ad Optimisation
Works with Smart Bidding

See what our clients have to say

“SegmentStream helped us to see the real picture of our cross-channel marketing performance, and what’s more important, to truly activate machine learning insights and improve the performance of our key digital advertising channels without human involvement.”
— Matthew Lawson, Chief Digital Officer, Ribble Cycles
“We are very happy with our choice, and looking forward to expanding our collaboration by implementing SegmentStream to other websites in Group later this year.”
— Laszlo Benes, Head of Performance Marketing at

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