Less technical routine,
more marketing

As a marketer, you want to spend your time on finding out how to better understand your audience, coming up with creative hypotheses, launching personalized ad campaigns and testing new marketing technologies.

But in reality you are buried in technical routine: how to set up new analytical tool, how to coordinate marketing campaigns in different channels, how to send customer data to warehouse, etc.

SegmentStream will help you overcome technical roadblocks, and you will be able to focus on your core marketing purpose.

Quickly deploy new marketing tools without help from IT

Forget about dealing with documentation, tags, triggers, variables and JavaScript code.

You don't need to wait for developers anymore. Now you can do everything yourself.

SegmentStream supports more than 40 of the most popular marketing & analytical tools on the market.

Improve your ad performance
with predictive audience segmentation

Want to optimize ad bids on Facebook, Criteo or Adwords for specific audiences depending on users' behavior on your website?

With SegmentStream it takes just a couple of minutes and clicks.

Start collecting, owning and analyzing your customer data

Want to stream raw behavioural data to your your warehouse for more detailed analytics using SQL?

Learn how to do it with just a few clicks.

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