Focus more on building, less on implementing

As a developer, you want to solve big, complex and interesting tasks: create new products, develop important features, learn and apply the latest IT technologies.

But in reality you are constantly distracted by marketing responsibilities: pasting new ad pixels on a website, sending the same data and events to another marketing vendor, monitoring changes in third-party APIs.

We get it - it's not what you want to be doing.

SegmentStream will save you from the endless marketing tasks while still giving you full control over your marketing stack and data. Now you can focus on your core IT purpose.

Get back to core IT activities

It's no longer necessary to spend your time on implementing new marketing systems or performing further maintenance - now marketers and analysts can manage it on their own.

If you still want to do it yourself, any task can be accomplished 8-10 times faster than usual.

Be assured that all your marketing stack works without errors

Before a new integration will be added to our catalogue, it passes through a comprehensive unit testing process, which allows us to guarantee its stable and reliable performance on any device, browser or operational system.

In addition, we use real-time validation and event monitoring tools to identify any system errors and anomalies.

Make your website faster, safer and more reliable

Forget about adding dozens of ad pixels and JavaScript snippets to your website and tracking the same events in different formats for various marketing tools.

A single API gives you more tools to manage your customer data flows and makes the website code much simpler and cleaner, resulting in 30% uplift in website speed loading.

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