SegmentStream –

real-time behavioral data platform for e‑commerce

  • Unify your customer data once and use it across all the marketing tools
  • Integrate new marketing, advertising and analytics systems with a flip of a switch
  • Be assured that all your marketing stack works without errors

One format for all your customer data and events

Various marketing tools use customer data with different naming conventions and data structure. At the same time, they often need the same information, such as online user behavior, interests, purchases, etc.

With so many sources and format requirements, it can become complicated to manage this data.

SegmentStream allows you to unify disparate customer data and events into one standardized format, so you can track the event only once and then use it everywhere.

Single API for your entire marketing stack

If you've ever wanted to send a piece of customer data to a third-party tool, you know just how difficult that can be.

You need to deal with API-documentation, tags, variables, pixels, triggers, rules, JavaScript-code and manually configure each data integration.

SegmentStream is based on a Single API, fully integrated with APIs of third-party marketing tools. Just send your data or event to SegmentStream and it will be automatically transferred to all the tools in the required format.

Instant activation of new marketing tools

Thanks to SegmentStream, you can integrate the new systems with a flip of a switch. Just enter your account ID and specify some additional settings.

Our catalogue counts more than 40 of the most popular marketing analytics and advertising services, including Google Analytics, Criteo, Facebook, RichRelevance, Emarsys, Sociomantic, OneSignal and many others.

Advanced features for professionals

Events and variables

Easily create new custom events and variables and use them across all your marketing tools.


Specify certain conditions under which you want to send an event or execute a script.

Custom scripts

Go beyond the standard functionality with the ability to execute any JavaScript code.


Reduce website load time by 30% with prioritization of marketing tools loading.

Filters and restrictions

Restrict or prohibit the transfer of certain data and events to the specific marketing tools.

Advanced configurations

Configure your tools based on the unique needs of your company and the website structure.

Real-time validation and monitoring

Make sure that data is collected properly or see immediately where any errors and anomalies occur.

Streaming to a data warehouse

Stream all the customer data and behavioral events to your cloud data storage.

And more

Expert guidance


We will conduct an audit of your current marketing infrastructure and provide you with a detailed report of all the issues and weaknesses.


We will prepare a custom specification for your developers and guide them through all the implementation stages.


Our experts will help you set up and configure all your marketing tools based on your company needs.


Have a question and can't find an answer in the product documentation? We're available 24/7 via all the communication channels.


Have a unique task that requires in-depth expertise in marketing and analytics? We can't wait to solve it the best way.


We will conduct a private learning session for you team on how to get the most out of SegmentStream.

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